Friday, November 30, 2012

Human Intelligence: Is it Working?

Now we’re going to be taking a look at the topic of: Intelligence. Because, if you look at how we’re currently existing and the things that’s taking place in this world, it becomes important to ask of what value is our current version of ‘Intelligence’ that we are living.

As, intelligence has come to be viewed as something of value, that you must have to make it in the world and be successful, to the extent where as a child growing up the point of doing well in school is like the most prominent point, where there is this fear of ‘what if I don’t get good enough grades, how will I be able to survive and support myself effectively?’ And, so intelligence has become about survival within the current system, but when you look at how it is we’re living in this world, and how we are treating it, busy destroying it actually, it’s clear our ‘intelligence’ is not related to how best to live in this world and care for this world, and ourselves and all other beings that live here.

For all our intelligence, it has not resulted in a world where everyone lives a dignified life and no one suffers needlessly. We exist in a world where we are in conflict with one another as we have to compete with each other in this current system for our survival. As our intelligence has apparently evolved, our quality of living overall has not. Our ability to live in this world and care for it properly has not. We’re busy wreaking considerable havoc on this earth and all life on it, in total disregard of the fact that as we’re busy destroying our planet, so we are busy creating our own destruction. Can such behavior be called intelligent?

What’s missing here that has made our intelligence so ineffective? It’s because we’ve not approached Intelligence within the context of our relationship to all things in this world/reality. Thus our intelligence has lacked relevant starting point, in terms of what do we do with our intelligence, what do we use it for, how do we use it? Where it’s basically become the accumulation and application of information, yet without practical investigation of that information as to whether it can be applied in reality in a way that leads to the best possible outcome for all life here, or does it actually bring harm to life.

This is largely a result of the current design of our school systems, in which children are taught to absorb lots of information, and then to apply and live that information, yet to not question such information, or supporting the children in developing the ability to test/investigate for oneself the validity of such information in reality, and in the context of does the application of such information result in supporting life or harming life?

Intelligence has really become just a tool for survival in our current system, where our school systems function to sort out the most-intelligent from the least-intelligent, where if you do well in school, it does not show that you have effective reasoning skills, but that one can effectively take in the provided information without question and perform it accordingly. So our school systems are not actually supporting our children to develop effective intelligence as reasoning skills in the context of real effective living in this reality in totality, but simply to grade children in terms of their effectiveness to perform the available jobs in the system.

So what’s essentially missing within how we currently live ‘intelligence’ is the application of Common Sense, thus what’s required is to redefine how we live ‘Intelligence’ into ‘IntelliSENSE’ where we utilize knowledge and information in the context of what actually is supportive to life, which means getting a practical understanding of what is actually going on in reality and how this reality operates.

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Thus, in blogs to come, we’ll take a further look at our relationship to Intelligence, to look at how to take intelligence as the valuing of knowledge and information and transform it into 'IntelliSense' as physical practical living value, to ensure that we make the most of our intelligence by utilizing it in such a way that will manifest the best world possible, so that we are using it to our benefit and not to our own destruction (as that wouldn’t be very intelligent!).

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