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Are Humans Really the Most Intelligent Species on the Planet?

So, in continuing to look at human intelligence and if it in fact exists, we're going to look at the idea that still persists in some individuals to this day, that humans are apparently the 'most intelligent' species on the planet, and this is usually compared to the intelligence of animals which are considered to be 'non-sentient'. So from here, it's deemed that animals must be 'less than' humans, not able to experience pain and suffering, and are therefore free range for humans to utilize as we see fit.

What this idea or belief shows, however, is actually a lack of intelligence of the human, on several points. One of which is fact that our very lives are dependent on such apparently 'lesser' creatures, as all of our physical needs are dependent on the intricate balance of our ecosystem which is made up of billions of forms as everything from rocks to whales. Now, if our lives, our existence, depends on THEM and we actually cannot live without them, then how on earth could we be 'superior' to all other forms in any way? In fact, if the human were to simply disappear from the planet, nature and the animals would flourish. So, if anything, it could be said that the human is actually inferior. However we do have a potential that I will discuss later.

What does it say about human intelligence that for all our apparent intelligence, we didn't realize and take into consideration our dependence on the other beings here, but we went ahead and decided we could use them for our own purposes as we see fit, which actually contribute to our own detriment and harm. Since as we terrorize, destroy, pollute otherwise wreak havoc on our world, we do so to ourselves, tainting the very food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe. Does that sound like the actions of an 'intelligent' species?

Another point is the idea that because animals don't 'think', they don't feel or experience pain like humans do, which is obviously not the case. You can recognize the similarities in physical expression. You can recognize pain and suffering. You can easily place yourself in the 'shoes' or the 'skin' of another being and extrapolate what you might experience if you were a dog being skinned alive to make a fur coat. I mean, you can even just imagine what it would be like as you are now, as a human being having skin, to have that skin ripped off. Obviously a horrific experience.

You don't need the mind or consciousness to experience pain and suffering. That's a physical thing. I mean, when you are in extreme pain, how much are you using your mind in that moment? You're not, because you're in so much pain you can't even think. See, the mind is not necessary for the experience of pain. So to say that because animals don't think or have a mind, they don't experience pain, shows a lack of understanding and an ignorance of how things actually work in this reality, again showing that our 'sentience' is actually rather lacking. For all our thought and thinking that we participate in, which is quite a lot, if it was leading to intelligence and superiority, then we would have become the supreme guardians and custodians of this earth. But have a look, it's the opposite that happening isn't it?

If our 'sentience' is so great and makes us 'superior', what did we do with our 'upper hand' of sentience? Did we manifest a benevolent world for all beings to have a dignified life, or did we instead take advantage of the other beings here, including even ourselves, and strip this existence of practically any dignity whatsoever?

We like to think of sentience as a positive thing, but we have used it for almost anything but positive things. Did we use our sentience to come up with ways to support and benefit life and ourselves and each other, or have we used sentience as the tool through which we've come up all kinds of intricate and varied ways to harm and take advantage of each other and all that is here?

I mean, we can see this same thing reflected in the human world on the large scale, where those who have had the 'upper hand' in having elite positions of power in this world, overall did what with that power? Used it to control the population for their own individual gain in disregard of the suffering caused, rather than using that great potential to the benefit of all.

And again, within that, it's the same point of 'stupidity' we could call it, the opposite of 'intelligence', because it's not taken into consideration the consequences that are manifesting due to attempting to control the masses with force and manipulation. And how the elite require to have gated communities and security details and such to try and keep safe within a world that has gone to hell all around, when it could actually simply be safe everywhere in a world that is actually supportive.

In the past we would have been more 'in touch' with how our lives are dependent on the land and nature, but with industrialization and now 'globalization', what happened is a separation from that participation in our own survival, and so what's taken place is actually a 'dumbing-down' as more and more individuals don't know where the food or our products comes from in the store or the process involved in producing and transporting it. So we have actually taken a big step in reverse and become less intelligent and aware of our reality.

This is something that you don't find with animals, where animals are very aware of their environment and will seek to maintain a balance while managing to survive. Which is more and more so a difficult proposition as we continuously put pressure on nature and the animals by destroying their habitats and disrupting the balance of ecosystems by wiping out entire species, forcing them into more difficult situations where they are faced with choosing humans as food on occasion out of the need to survive.

This is what we have done to the animals by way of our ignorance and must be taken into account when trying to use the animals as an example that they are apparently 'lesser' than humans, because they will attack each other and sometimes humans, because all of this is the result of survival which we have made so exceedingly difficult. So what we see going on in the animal kingdom, is actually of our own doing, because we did not take the stance that we could have, of being the custodians and care-takers of this earth. We are in fact the most capable beings on the planet to do so, because we do have the most unlimited physical forms. We have thumbs and minds and a greater ability to adapt through creating useful tools and equipment, I mean, that is why we are at the 'top of the food chain'.

And this brings us to the potential I mentioned earlier, that as the most unlimited beings on this planet, we have every capability to correct the situation here on earth as what we are doing in causing such extensive harm, and rather be beings that care for this earth, with the respect that comes from the understanding that this earth is our home and as such we should care for it the same as caring for ourselves. This means taking into consideration all the other beings and forms that exist here with us, and that means educating ourselves on this reality and what is here, so that we can use our 'sentience' in an actually positive way.

What I've found is that as one gets to know how reality operates, it's actually quite empowering as the physical reality becomes less of a mystery, and therefore you can become more of an active participant, instead of it being some 'distant thing' in a way, that you don't have any understanding of and doesn't seem related to you. Kind of like learning to read for the first time - it opens up a whole new world to explore. If you've felt like life here was rather empty or something was missing – it's been us that's missing out on this reality and all that is here. So, I suggest to give yourself the gift of discovery and self expansion through exploring all the resources we have now at our fingertips with the internet to learn about this reality and really consider what all makes our lives possible here and the harm that we are causing others and ourselves by taking this for granted. We can take our own 'fate' back into our own hands to ensure that we're caring for this reality and thus for ourselves, to give ourselves, our children, our children's children, and so on, the best life possible, which as you'll see, has the potential to be something amazing.

For further self education

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Friday, November 30, 2012

Human Intelligence: Is it Working?

Now we’re going to be taking a look at the topic of: Intelligence. Because, if you look at how we’re currently existing and the things that’s taking place in this world, it becomes important to ask of what value is our current version of ‘Intelligence’ that we are living.

As, intelligence has come to be viewed as something of value, that you must have to make it in the world and be successful, to the extent where as a child growing up the point of doing well in school is like the most prominent point, where there is this fear of ‘what if I don’t get good enough grades, how will I be able to survive and support myself effectively?’ And, so intelligence has become about survival within the current system, but when you look at how it is we’re living in this world, and how we are treating it, busy destroying it actually, it’s clear our ‘intelligence’ is not related to how best to live in this world and care for this world, and ourselves and all other beings that live here.

For all our intelligence, it has not resulted in a world where everyone lives a dignified life and no one suffers needlessly. We exist in a world where we are in conflict with one another as we have to compete with each other in this current system for our survival. As our intelligence has apparently evolved, our quality of living overall has not. Our ability to live in this world and care for it properly has not. We’re busy wreaking considerable havoc on this earth and all life on it, in total disregard of the fact that as we’re busy destroying our planet, so we are busy creating our own destruction. Can such behavior be called intelligent?

What’s missing here that has made our intelligence so ineffective? It’s because we’ve not approached Intelligence within the context of our relationship to all things in this world/reality. Thus our intelligence has lacked relevant starting point, in terms of what do we do with our intelligence, what do we use it for, how do we use it? Where it’s basically become the accumulation and application of information, yet without practical investigation of that information as to whether it can be applied in reality in a way that leads to the best possible outcome for all life here, or does it actually bring harm to life.

This is largely a result of the current design of our school systems, in which children are taught to absorb lots of information, and then to apply and live that information, yet to not question such information, or supporting the children in developing the ability to test/investigate for oneself the validity of such information in reality, and in the context of does the application of such information result in supporting life or harming life?

Intelligence has really become just a tool for survival in our current system, where our school systems function to sort out the most-intelligent from the least-intelligent, where if you do well in school, it does not show that you have effective reasoning skills, but that one can effectively take in the provided information without question and perform it accordingly. So our school systems are not actually supporting our children to develop effective intelligence as reasoning skills in the context of real effective living in this reality in totality, but simply to grade children in terms of their effectiveness to perform the available jobs in the system.

So what’s essentially missing within how we currently live ‘intelligence’ is the application of Common Sense, thus what’s required is to redefine how we live ‘Intelligence’ into ‘IntelliSENSE’ where we utilize knowledge and information in the context of what actually is supportive to life, which means getting a practical understanding of what is actually going on in reality and how this reality operates.

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Thus, in blogs to come, we’ll take a further look at our relationship to Intelligence, to look at how to take intelligence as the valuing of knowledge and information and transform it into 'IntelliSense' as physical practical living value, to ensure that we make the most of our intelligence by utilizing it in such a way that will manifest the best world possible, so that we are using it to our benefit and not to our own destruction (as that wouldn’t be very intelligent!).

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Friday, February 24, 2012

Is Calmness & Peace the Key to make you an Eternal Pure Being?

Here is a quote that I came across, that was under a category of quotes about 'the mind and consciousness':

"In full calmness and peace you experience the unchanging, eternal pure being that you are."

Hm. Sounds nice. But is there any substance to it? When we look at this quote from a common sense perspective, what this statement is suggesting is that you need to be in a state of 'calmness and peace' in order to 'experience yourself' as who you really are. Why then, do we allow most of the world's population to be in a situation that is anything but 'calmness and peace'? Where life is a day to day struggle to survive and make ends meet? How can we as humanity get to 'experience ourselves' as who we really are, when we are allowing war, starvation, rape, poverty, animal abuse, child abuse, etc.

This quote does not consider those who aren't able to experience calmness and peace because they are enslaved within the 'survival game' of the current money system in which everyone but a small minority is enslaved to debt and lives in constant fear for survival

This quote is meant to be inspiring and impart some wisdom, basically 'lovely' words to make one 'feel good'. But obviously this can only work for those who have calmness and peace in their life - which is the few with enough money to have a comfortable existence, and thus what this quote means for those who do not have money, is that it's not going to be possible for you to get to 'experience' who you really are, as an 'eternal pure being', as when your life consists of struggling to survive, it's anything but calm and peaceful.

Since this quote doesn't consider that 'calmness and peace' is simply 'not available' to many enslaved within the current system, it doesn't actually make sense, as it's not based on common sense - that which is 'commonly sensed' by all. The whole is not considered, and thus this quote is in spite of the current state of reality and all beings within it. That which does not consider state of all of existence as all that is here, is not then actually relevant to existence, and thus just words spoken to engender an emotional/feeling 'experience', and doesn't actually apply to reality. What value does information have if it does not apply to actual reality, and does not take all things into consideration?

Does this quote not imply that we should be doing what it takes to ensure that all have the ability to have an existence free from unnecessary abuse and suffering? Obviously the state of existence is anything but calm and peaceful, and what this quote does not explain/consider is how to create peace and calmness? How to practically change reality to stop the suffering and abuse busy happening.  It's not mentioned that we are actually busy manifesting this world as a literal hell on earth, and that to change this, we have to change ourselves and our current accepted nature. That peace and calmness do not effectively exist in this world, it currently exist as temporary individual personal experiences as feelings/emotions experienced within oneself only that don't last - it doesn't exist as an actuality that is lived here in fact and experienced by all beings as the actual state of reality, constant, consistent and stable.

Because we as humanity are not living as calmness and peace as ourselves - we are accepting and allowing and manifesting the abuse that exists, because we've accepted it as our very nature, and thus it will not stop or change until we change ourselves to no longer accept and allow it. To actually manifest 'peace and calmness' as a real lived reality shared by all, we have to consider all beings and stop existing as self interest, within ideas that one simply need to be 'calm and peaceful' without considering the actual state of reality and the actual situations in which beings are existing.

This implies a new economic system that actually supports all beings rather than the current system which is based on lack and competition against one another, and thus manifests conflict. This is the point of the Equal Money System - a system where all are supported, and no lack would exist as everyone would have equal access to what one needs to exist and thrive here in physical reality, instead of only a few having access, while the vast majority has limited or no access.

Another point this quote has missed, is that we are not 'eternal pure beings' as who/what/how we currently exist. We have been and become anything but that. I mean, obviously, we die. We are definitely not eternal. And if we were 'pure' beings, we wouldn't then be manifesting hell on earth. I mean, that is not something 'pure' beings would do. Is this really the kind of world that 'pure' beings would manifest? With war, rape, murder, slavery, poverty? Obviously not. What would it actually take for us to be 'eternal pure beings'? We'd have to actually change who we are.  And this will take a process, as our current accepted nature we have programmed ourselves with has been programmed over time, and as such it will take time and deliberate application of oneself within changing oneself, which first requires a process of seeing & understanding oneself as how/who/what one actually exist. And obviously we don't know or understand ourselves and how our nature is preprogrammed, or we would realize that it's not as simple as just deciding to be a certain way, and then it's so.

In order for us to become 'eternal pure beings', living in calmness and peace, we'd have to actually live that as ourself. Thus we have to come to understand ourselves as who/how we are currently, to see where/how we're living in such a way that cannot not stand eternally. This means to stand stable as who you are in such a way that you could live it for eternity. Currently we're existing and living as polarities of right/wrong, good/bad, positive/negative, which generates conflict - thus we're anything but stable and constant, as we're continuously fluctuating between the positive and the negative. Thus all participation in polarities require to be stopped so that one can stand stable, here. The quote is actually supporting polarity because it's purpose is to give the reader a 'positive' feeling - it has no practical application. We have to stick to what's here, and what's practical, as feelings of positivity change nothing - they're only feelings that one experience within oneself. It's not who one actually is, within who and how they actually live and express in each and every moment, it's simply a feeling.

Thus have a look within oneself to see where one is participating only in feelings about/to/toward something and not considering practical application that can be done/lived/walked in reality, as it's how/what we actually apply and live that determines who we are and how we manifest this world. For support and assistance in stopping participation in polarities to become a stable, constant being here, and develop oneself into a self that can stand eternally, there is the Desteni I Process.